Fuel quantity transmitter SKES-2027B

Electric aircraft fuel quantity transmitter SKES-2027B serves for:

  • Measurement of total kerosene reserve without counting the volume of extra-tank;
  • Measurement of kerosene reserves in each group of tanks;
  • Indication of the emergency remaining kerosene;
  • FULL TANK indication

Fuel transmitter SKES-2027B is produced in 2 variants: SKES-2027B and SKES-2027B Var.2. The difference is that there are two tanks PL SKES-2027B and no tank PPR SKES-2027B in SKES-2027B Var.2.

Fuel transmitter SKES-2027B Var. 2 is to be installed to the modification of MI-8 with equal right and left outboard tanks.

Fuel transmitter is designed for supply from the DC source at the voltage of 27V. Cognominal elements of the fuel transmitter are interchangeable. That allows, if required, to exchange the elements of the fuel transmitter with the corresponding cognominal elements, without changing the whole fuel transmitter.

Fuel gage SKES-2027B may operate even without extra-tank. In that case, the sensor simulator IDP1 is to be connected to the scheme, instead of tank D indicator.

The current supplied by the fuel transmitter is not to exceed 150 mА.

External fuel transmitter error at the voltage change of ±2,7 V should not exceed ±1,0% from the final scales value.

Fuel transmitter operates trouble-free at the temperature of the ambient air and of the actuating medium ±60°С Weight of the fuel transmitter is no more than - 5,685 kg.

Conformance Standards:Fuel quantity transmitter SKES-2027B conforms to the MIL standards
Application for helicopters: MI-17, MI-8, MI-171, MI-172

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