The device Provides the pilot with visual information about the location of the object against the true horizontal plane on roll angles within ± 360 and pitch angles within ± 80, and also produces electrical signals proportional to the angles of the pitch and roll to external customers.

Conformance Standards: Horizon indicator AGB-3K ser.3 conforms to the MIL8565J standards.

Application for helicopters: MI-10, MI-8, Yak-40, AN-24, An-26, AN-30, IL-76

Performance capability
Operable time. Min., no more than 1,5
Current consumption in steady-state. А., no more than:
From AC power supply, voltage 36v 400Hz :
in III phase 0,8
in I-II phase 0,9
Reading error the horizon indicator, including congestion and instrument scale error on the angles from 0 to 30 ° degrees, no more than +-1
The rate of precession of a gyroscope on the axes of the roll and pitch under the action of correction, '/ min 1.8-5
Gyroscope drift with disabled correction on the rocking basis for 5 min., degrees, no more than:
In a Roll +-2,5
In a Pitch +-4
Actuating of the power lost indicator at the circuit break of DC power and 1 of its phases of the AC circuit: In front of the pitch-scale should appear the flag
Weight, kg, no more than 4.7

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